Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Looks Like A Marker, But Packs 2.5 Million Volts!

This disguised self defense stun gun can be taken to the office, college, mall or just anywhere you go. People will have no idea, that it's a weapon.

Disguised stun gun pen with 2.5 million volts.
The Lightning Rod is a disguised stun gun pen and actually, it really looks more like a marker. Carry it with you everyday for self defense, just like you carry your keys. It's a good idea to have some sort of personal protection when you are out and about. Especially since us women are more vulnerable to violent crime.

Pink Lightning Rod stun gun pen has 2.5 million volts and is rechargeableChoose the original, black, Lightning Rod 2.5 Million volt Stun Pen with black nylon holster and belt loop. OR… the Lady Lightning Rod, available in pink. Which besides defending you, also helps to fight Breast Cancer! It has a leather like pink holster with belt clip! Both of these babies are rechargeable, have LED flashlights, a safety switch and protective cap. Plus, both have a rubber shell, to protect the unit and prevent it from slipping through your fingers while in use. Not only that, but it also has a LIFETIME WARRANTY of any factory defect!

A portion of the proceeds of the Pink, Lady Lightning Rod 2.5 Million volt Stun Pen, goes to fight Breast Cancer! So, it helps with self defense and it helps a Breast Cancer patient, as well.

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