Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Disguised Safes, Look Like Soda Cans

No, we're not selling refreshments! It so happens that sometimes people just need to have something to hide their valuables in, but don't know what to use!

Diversion safes for hiding valuable jewelry
If you have any small things like jewelry or money that you want to stash away, where nobody would find it, here's your solution. These hidden in plain site items, have been around for a long time and we have 21 disguised or diversion safes you can choose from, to hide your valuables!

Our safes are disguised like soda cans, as seen above, but also as hair brushes, books, clocks, etc. You can place them anywhere in your home and nobody would know that they are looking at a convenient hidden safe.

Hidden or Diversion Safes are great for having at home, in a college dorm or even at the office. These babies can also look like hairspray, Dasani water, shaving cream, a closet light and more. Check out all 21 of them, we're sure you will find one that suits your needs, wherever you might want to use it!

One thing we always inform customers about, is that if the diversion item makes a sound when items are hidden inside and you pick it up, such as a rolling jewelry sound, you might need to insert a small towel or something… This way, if someone picks up your disguised Candle, for example, it doesn't sound suspicious or like valuables are inside of it!

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