Thursday, March 21, 2013

Women's Powerful Defense with a Simple Twist

This unique self defense pepper spray is the only one on the market that just requires you to spin the top, and press down on it, to spray an attacker!

Easy to use pepper spray, simply twist and press down!The simple twist, makes it easier and therefore quicker to use if you encounter a dangerous criminal. When us women are in a dangerous situation, there really is not much time to think through things and the powerful Pepper Spray Spin Lock, was designed with this in mind.

Pepper spray attaches to any key ring or purse strap for self defense.The Spin Lock has a powerful 18% concentration of pepper, versus most other products that only have 10%. Therefore this self defense unit is hotter and more devastating to anyone who's face you aim it at! Women can simply twist and shoot this pepper spray 5 to 7 feet away. It contains approximately 6 shots. The Spin Lock also includes a UV Dye that helps police identify the attacker if he or she is captured. Plus, twisting the top is not the only convenient thing about this self defense unit… It also includes a key ring, to keep it handy at all times and as stated before, it's easy to use. Just twist the top and press down on it…

The Spin Lock is simple, yet powerful for women's or men's self defense. Attach it's ring to your keychain or even on your purse's strap. Also, keep it conveniently in you hand, if you are uneasy about your surroundings.

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