Friday, March 22, 2013

Refillable Pepper Sprays from Mace

Tired of buying entirely new containers every time you run out of pepper spray? Well you don't have to, just refill it!
Refills for the Mace KeyGuard, Pen, Baton and Pepper Guns.
Mace Pepper Spray KeyGuard, Pen, Batons and Guns
Mace makes 4 products that can be refilled. Not only are they convenient to have for self defense, but it will also save you money. Why buy an entire new canister for self defense, when you can simply use it again and again?

Mace products that you don't have to discard if emptied:
• KeyGuard, in pink or black
• Pen Defender, in silver
• Baton, available in 5 colors
• Gun, available in 4 colors

The KeyGuard and the Pen use the Mace Pepper Pen Refill and/or KeyGuard Refill. The Baton uses the Mace Pepper Spray Baton Refill. The Gun has 3 choices: Water (2 test cartridges), OC and H20 (1 pepper and 1 water cartridge ) and OC Refill (2 pepper cartridges).

It makes sense to purchase a product that has OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) refill sprays available. These products will help keep you safer and won't break the bank!

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